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Jan 29, 2011 5:30am EST
hilarious board of directors. norm brodsky is an inc. magazine columnist and aurry is the ceo of 12 gurus, author of the book "effective gratitude for organizations and individuals," and you are a comedian which is why it makes you so perfect for this discussion. thanks for joining us, guys. >> thanks for having us. >> when i was watching that, i was petrified for those people. nothing sounds scarier than standing up in front of a group of people and trying to be funny. >> the audience is usually drunk. you're fine. >> at a comedy place. >> i would recommend to institute the two-drink minimum and work will go much smoother. >> it isn't only ability comedy. what they've done is created a culture. that's one of the most important things. their culture happens to be comedy. it doesn't have to be for you. it was terrific what they did. people like a particular culture. funny is good. so they attract those people who want to work for them who like humor. >> i think, norm, even if you don't care about being funny in the workplace, there's got to be something to being able to get up there
Jan 20, 2011 7:00am EST
testify. it is the first hearing that darrell issa will chair. it will coincide with new brodsky's quarterly report to congress. first lady michelle obama is scheduled to join wal-mart executives to kick off an effort that will reformulate thousands of products to make them healthier. "and huffington post" and b.e .t. are launching a new platform. the announcement is expected today. those are the latest headlines. >> this new law is a fiscal house of cards and a healthcare house of cards. >> has anybody, any family in america, any single mother, any spouse, any child, and a grandparent not a more bureaucratic system and the american health insurance system? >> watch this week's debate, any time. see what your representatives said. read transcripts. congressional chronicle at c- host: meet congressman jason chaffetz of utah. he represents the third district in utah. we just announced he has a new job. he will be chairing the subcommittee on national security and homeland defense. what you want to do with that panel? guest: there is a lot to do. we have hundreds of millions
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2